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How the system works
Here's how easy our service is to use from start to finish
Here's list of the prices for all our tags
Price Per Tag €2.10 (inc. VAT)
10 Pack €21.00
20 Pack €42.00
30 Pack €63.00
40 Pack €84.00
Postage & Packaging €1.50
Price Per Tag €1.20 (inc. VAT)
10 Pack €12.00
20 Pack €24.00
30 Pack €36.00
40 Pack €48.00
Postage & Packaging €1.50
Price Per Tag €1.00 (inc. VAT)
10 Pack €10.00
20 Pack €20.00
30 Pack €30.00
40 Pack €40.00
Postage & Packaging €1.50
Minimum order value is €20 excluding postage and packaging. Standard postage rates apply.
If you would like more information about other Thorntons Recycling waste services, please contact us on 01-6235133
or email
Benefit of System
Benefits of System
Thorntons Recycling has partnered with Dublin Town and Aramark to develop a collections system that:
  • Complies with the Bye-Laws
    All retailers in the Dublin Town district area must account for
    their waste. By using the Thorntons system there is full
    traceability and accountability for all their waste
  • Will keep Dublin City clean
    By providing a premium service to all customers in the Dublin Town district, Thorntons will ensure that no bags are left on the streets thus reducing litter and helping to keep the Capital's streets clean
  • Is cost effective and easy to use
    Thorntons Recycling provides a value for money, compliant and professional service. We have worked with Dublin Town, and Aramark, to design and implement a collection system that meets the needs of the Dublin Town Members who use bags for their waste.
What size bags can I use?
Customers should use a standard size bag (not jumbo bags). Bye Laws state the maximum weight of a waste bag is 15kg. All recycling waste must be presented in a clear bag. You can find out where to buy bags by visiting this link.
How do I order more labels?
Labels can be ordered on line at or by contacting our Sales Department by e-mail or by phone on 01-623 5133
What will happen if I leave a bag out without a label?
Under Dublin City Council Waste Bye Laws you will commit an offence and can be fined a Fixed Penalty notice of €75 which must be paid within 21 days. On summary conviction you could be subject to a fine not exceeding €1,904.60
How do I find out more about Dublin City Council Waste Bye Laws?